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  • Map of whiskey producing countries

    For some time, I’ve been meaning to play with web friendly mapping and visualization tools such as d3.js, datamaps.js or crosslet.js. D3 is quickly becoming the defacto standard for displaying statistical visualizations on the web, and other libraries are hooking in to add additional capabilities, like mapping. Communicating data effectively is the future, if not […]

  • Fort Worth City Council Rep Twitter representation

    The Fort Worth City Council consists of nine members: the mayor and 8 city council representatives.  The current city council comprises of the following individuals: Mayor: Betsy Price District 2: Sap Espino District 3: Zim Zimmerman District 4: Danny Scarth District 5: Frank Moss District 6: Jungus Jordan District 7: Dennis Shingleton District 8: Kathleen […]