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Show #2 – Overseas and Monahans at Live Oak

[Note: this is part of my “concert a day” challenge]

Knowing I’d be busy early Friday evening at a scotch tasting, I needed a local show I could get to quickly. Thank goodness for living five blocks from Live Oak. I showed up still a little buzzy from sipping on 18 year old scotch for the better part of the evening. Paid my cover, received my wrist band and entered halfway into Monahans‘ set to a fairly packed house.

The main draw for this show were two indie rock legends: David Bazan and Will Johnson. Bazan made his name in the mid to late 90s as Pedro the Lion, and Will Johnson still puts out music with his Centro-Matic bandmates. The two joined with two other indie veterans to form Overseas.

Overseas‘ sound is interesting, combining what Bazan does best, downtempo ballads that fit his limited baritone range, and Johnson’s low fi rock with frenetic hooks. One song, the bass would lead a pop-like dirge, and in the next, the distorted electric would crank to 10. Early in the set, a short, honey blonde woman made her way to the front. Her eyes, facial expressions and catcall of “welcome back, Dave,” made it clear she was a Bazan fan.

I wish I had arrived earlier to catch more of Monahans’ set. Their sound of rock uses atmosphere, reverb and harmonies over a driving tempo, made for some cool arrangements.

David Bazan of Overseas at Live Oak

David Bazan of Overseas at Live Oak