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Google and Duck Duck Go search results comparison


I couldn’t remember what Apple’s pricing was for their print on demand publishing for books.  So, I googled.

That’s… not helpful.  Let’s try Duck Duck Go.

Helpful, easy to see what I need, and answers my question. (Note: screenshots are same size.)

Just for fun, I blocked out all the non-search result content for the Google version.


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Google museum view


Google takes its street view concept to the world’s top museums:

Cameras mounted on a special trolley travelled through empty galleries after the public had left, taking 360 degree images of selected rooms which were then stitched together. So far 385 rooms are navigable, and more will be added.

Curation is the new search


Google has been much maligned of late, due to its increasingly spammy and gamed results. Paul Kedrosky makes a point that curation of web content will be on the rise.

The answer, of course, is that we won’t — do them all by hand, that is. Instead, the re-rise of curation is partly about crowd curation — not one people, but lots of people, whether consciously (lists, etc.) or unconsciously (tweets, etc) — and partly about hand curation (JetSetter, etc.).