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Google and Duck Duck Go search results comparison

I couldn’t remember what Apple’s pricing was for their print on demand publishing for books.  So, I googled.

That’s… not helpful.  Let’s try Duck Duck Go.

Helpful, easy to see what I need, and answers my question. (Note: screenshots are same size.)

Just for fun, I blocked out all the non-search result content for the Google version.



Curation is the new search

Google has been much maligned of late, due to its increasingly spammy and gamed results. Paul Kedrosky makes a point that curation of web content will be on the rise.

The answer, of course, is that we won’t — do them all by hand, that is. Instead, the re-rise of curation is partly about crowd curation — not one people, but lots of people, whether consciously (lists, etc.) or unconsciously (tweets, etc) — and partly about hand curation (JetSetter, etc.).