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  • Fort Worth City Council social media usage

    Yesterday, I looked at which city council members had a Twitter account.  Only three did: Mayor Betsy Price and Council Representatives Kathleen Hicks (District 8) and Joel Burns (District 9). Jungus Jordan’s name is registered as a Twitter username, however, the account has no tweets, followers or follows anyone else. By the numbers (as of […]

  • Fort Worth City Council Rep Twitter representation

    The Fort Worth City Council consists of nine members: the mayor and 8 city council representatives.  The current city council comprises of the following individuals: Mayor: Betsy Price District 2: Sap Espino District 3: Zim Zimmerman District 4: Danny Scarth District 5: Frank Moss District 6: Jungus Jordan District 7: Dennis Shingleton District 8: Kathleen […]