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  • My 2011 favorite albums

    Below lists the albums I enjoyed the most in 2011.  2011 overflowed with good music from numerous artists and genres. Hip hop, country and polka are sadly underrepresented on my list. [amazon_link id=”B0054JURZA” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Bon Iver – Bon Iver[/amazon_link]: The album swirls with lush arrangements and endearing, if cryptic lyrics. The tracks are […]

  • Thoughts on Fort Worth mayoral campaign signs

    On June 18th, the Fort Worth Mayoral run off will be held between Betsy Price and Jim Lane. Through out the entire campaign, their respective signs stood along roadsides and street corners. Regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum, their signage is interesting as well as signage for the other candidates. Below are […]

  • Review: Tina Fey – Bossypants

    Tina Fey brings clever wit and charm to her memoir, Bossypants that tells of her growth as a creative individual. This creative individual is also a confident woman, business woman, mother, daughter, wife, keen and self aware of the life she lives. All these roles culminate as she recounts the perfect storm of getting Oprah […]

  • Review: R.E.M. – Collapse Into Now

    Every Day Is Yours To Win could fit into New Adventures in Hi-Fi, while That Someone Is You bounces around like Radio Free Europe from 1983. … Discoverer’s lead riff sounds like Finest Worksong Oh My Heart has a bit of Drive Every Day Is Yours To Win, a shimmery uplifting ballad with simple melody That someone is you sounds like early REM or even The Ramones Standouts: Uberlin, It Happened Today

  • Arcade Fire close out Coachella set with bouncing balls of light

    Arcade Fire closed their Coachella set with the anthemic “Wake Up,” adding some crowd interaction with a couple hundred glow in the dark, multi-colored beach balls.

  • Swamplandia – Karen Russell

    Karen Russell’s Swamplandia! feels like a collection of short writing exercises that were combined to form some sense of a novel. The prose is colorful, descriptive and imaginative, so much it reaches eccentric, teetering on contrived to tell a story of innocence lost. The Bigtree clan lives on an island within the Ten Thousand Islands, […]

  • Paul McCuen – Spiral

    Taking a sliver of World War II history, cutting edge science in nanotechnology and biology, and a conspiracy of geopolitical consequences, Spiral delivers a smart and tense techno-thriller. Liam Connor, an Irish soldier who was a scientist during World War II, witnessed a horrific event in the Pacific Ocean, where the military took extreme measures […]

  • Social Distortion – Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes

    Some thoughts on Social Distortion’s latest, Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes: Mostly sounds like garage rock with some bluesy riffs. Not too many punk chord progressions. Stand out tracks: Alone & Forsaken (direct and punky), Still Alive (closer, anthemic), Bakersfield (6.5 minute bluesy guitar anthem story) Some songs go on too long, with half the […]

  • PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

    PJ Harvey’s Let England Shake contains numerous songs, full of atmosphere and reverb. Some vocals don’t seem to make it through all the layers of production. The only standout track, to me, is On Battleship Hill, but only because it feels tribal, like something Enya would do. Not really impressed with this album.

  • Cage the Elephant – Thank You Happy Birthday

    Cage the Elephant’s Thank You Happy Birthday takes you on a roller coaster ride through an amalgam of 90s rock. In the layers of drums, guitars, bass and slightly nasal vocals, you’ll hear influences of the Pixies who experimented with sonic textures; effect laden guitars, ala Smashing Pumpkins; simple chord structures in the vein of […]