Fort Worth City Council Rep Twitter representation

The Fort Worth City Council consists of nine members: the mayor and 8 city council representatives.  The current city council comprises of the following individuals:

  • Mayor: Betsy Price
  • District 2: Sap Espino
  • District 3: Zim Zimmerman
  • District 4: Danny Scarth
  • District 5: Frank Moss
  • District 6: Jungus Jordan
  • District 7: Dennis Shingleton
  • District 8: Kathleen Hicks – on Twitter
  • District 9: Joel Burns – on Twitter

Below are two maps. Using the Fort Worth GIS city council overlays, I used Photoshop to layer the districts over a Google Maps still.  Due to the shape of the districts and lacking quality from the GIS, the overlay below is approximate.  Districts containing the Twitter bird represent those districts with a city council representative that has a Twitter account. The second, shows, for comparison, districts with a rep on Twitter versus the remainder of the city. Click the images to make larger.

More analysis tomorrow.

Fort Worth City Council Districts and Twitter representation


Fort Worth City Council Districts and reps with Twitter accounts