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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West


Kanye’s got the beats, the rhymes the ego and the vision to pull off an album like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy full of so many themes. From the self introspection (Monster, Lost in the World), to class (Power, Runaway), to misogyny (So Appalled, Hell of a Life) to politics (Who Will Survive in America).

Musically, there’s an ebb and flow. Dark Fantasy, led by Nicki Minaj in a British accent, starts the album off gently. Power, throttles forcefully, followed by the spacey All of the Lights. Runaway serves as an epic track, nine minutes long, and Lost in the World combines the indie sensibilities of Bon Iver. Who Will Survive in America closes the album in a scathing indictment of political doubt.


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