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  • Lessons learned from writing 52 short stories

    Lessons learned from writing 52 short stories

    This was originally posted on reddit a while back, and I’ve been meaning to post it here. The what I wrote 52 short stories across 9 different genres that totaled over 52,000 words. My constraints were one short story every Sunday, at least 500 words, and I’d publish them on my personal website. I’d consider […]

  • A Haiku Garden – Published!

      A Haiku Garden: Selections from the Everyday Photo Haiku Project is published on Amazon! I created the book, which contains 104 of the most interesting photo haiku from the project. All photos and haiku done on an iPhone (4s then 6).

  • Map of whiskey producing countries

    For some time, I’ve been meaning to play with web friendly mapping and visualization tools such as d3.js, datamaps.js or crosslet.js. D3 is quickly becoming the defacto standard for displaying statistical visualizations on the web, and other libraries are hooking in to add additional capabilities, like mapping. Communicating data effectively is the future, if not […]

  • 31 days of live music summary

    Thirty one days span the month of August. In those thirty one days, I saw, experienced, and absorbed live music. Everyday. The days ranged from loud, raucous, sweaty, boozy, sober, smokey, smoke-free, quiet, infectious, challenging, enthralling, boring, fun. Much like a mix cd with thirty one tracks, some shows surprised me with how much I […]

  • Show #31 – Fou at Zio Carlo’s

    During the TCU-LSU halftime, I rolled down to Zio Carlos’s to catch Fou. The three piece played jangly dream pop as part of a benefit show for To Write Love on Her Arms. Thus mark’s the end of 31 straight days of live music.

  • Show #30 – Darrin Kobetich

    For the third time, I ventured to a patio show when the temperature read 100 plus degrees. Darrin Kobetich cooly played acoustic guitar instrumental songs with a classic guitar bent. One song, used the entire guitar, creating what sounded like three instruments. He tapped and thumped the body of the guitar while strumming and hammering […]

  • Show #29 – Bob Noble Band

    The Bob Noble Band blues jam played a bluesy cover of “I Can See Clearly Now” with a velvet voiced female lead singer. Definitely pretty cool. Aside from that, I sat on Mambo’s patio and could hear the band perfectly.

  • Show #28 – Joey Green at Fred’s

    Joey Green strums a guitar laying tunes in the alt country vibe of Ryan Adams. He played a well received cover of Eli Young Band’s “Even if it Breaks Your Heart”.

  • Show #27 – Johnny Case Trio at Scat Jazz Lounge

    I forgot to take a picture for this show. Imagine the Johnny Case show I saw last week, only the bassist grew a beard.

  • Show #26 – Samuel Gross at the Grotto

    Great voice, definitely a rocker vibe. Very gritty cover of All Along the Watchtower. Closed set with an Alice in Chains song (and I’m blanking on the name of it). Really great guitar playing, getting a wide range of sound from the low and high end.

Got any book recommendations?